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食物栄養科学部食物栄養学科の大滝直人教授、小林知未准教授、食創造科学科の今村友美准教授らが「エネルギー代謝にはビタミンB群が欠かせない」、「亜鉛やマグネシウムは様々な代謝の補酵素となり注目度は高いが、普段の朝食では摂取が難しい」などと提案し、商品に反映しました。学生有志による「武庫女×日清シスコ 未来プロジェクト」参加メンバーが商品の動画やポップを作成して販売促進をサポートしています。




「武庫女×日清シスコ 未来プロジェクト」に参加する食物栄養科学部4年の中山梨子さんは「学生のうちに企業と関わる活動に参加できてよかった」、同3年の東口夢さんは「このプロジェクトを通して色んな学部・学科や企業の人と交流でき、武庫女の明るさや元気の良さを共有できてうれしい」と思いを語りました。






A new range of cornflakes is now available, supervised by Mukogawa Women's University professors and others.


Nissin Cisco's corn flakes 'Morning Switch ON Ciscorn Refreshing Lemon Flavor', produced by Mukogawa Women's University's Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences and Sports Centre, began selling for a limited time on 3rd of July. The packaging displays 'supervised by a Mukogawa Women's University nutrition professor and dietitian'. The refreshing lemon flavor and crunchy texture can be relished, and one serving (40 g) with 200 ml of milk provides the daily requirement of nine vitamins, calcium, 1/2 of iron and 1/3 of zinc.

Professor Naoto Otaki and Associate Professor Tomomi Kobayashi of the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition, and Associate Professor Tomomi Imamura of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences proposed that "B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism" and "zinc and magnesium, which are coenzymes for various metabolic processes, are also necessary". The Mukojo x Nissin Sysco Future Project, made up of student volunteers, will support the sales promotion by creating product videos and pop-ups, and a tasting event was held at the Main Campus on 7th of July to promote the new product.


The tasting on the 7th was attended by a large number of students, faculty and administrative staff too. The products were served in small portions in cups and some students ate them with milk. The students were impressed by leaving comments like, "it has a nice flavor!" and "it tastes even better than I imagined", and they were excited to take photos and post them on social media.

Riko Nakayama, a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who is participating in the Mukojo x Nissin Sysco Future Project, said, "I am glad that I was able to participate in activities involving companies while I was still a student", and Yume Higashiguchi, a third-year student in the same Faculty, said, "I am happy that through this project I was able to interact with people from various departments and companies and share the energy and cheerfulness of this university."

Tomoki Ito, Manager of the Osaka Branch of Nissin Sysco Co Ltd, said: 'I am very happy to see the students so happy. We will continue our efforts to incorporate the students' innovative thinking and ideas, while the company provides support".

On 8 July, in-store promotional sales of Ciscorn were held at the Maxvalu Nishinomiya Ueda branch, with students standing in the shop to promote the product.


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