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武庫川女子大学経営学部高橋ゼミ(高橋千枝子教授)の 学生4人のチーム「Purple Asters」が78、9日、「ららぽーと甲子園」で高さ2・4メートルの巨大ガチャイベントを開催しました。春日井製菓(本社 名古屋市)のロングラン商品「花のくちづけ」(キャンディ)のPRとSDGs推進を目指す産学連携プロジェクト。「Purple Asters」は1年がかりで企画を練り、全国大学ゼミ対抗の商品企画コンテスト「Sカレ2022」で優勝して実現権を得ました。








「Purple Asters」のメンバーの4年、塚本彩乃さんは「大変だったけれど、イベントを実現でき、子ども達の喜ぶ顔を見ることができてやってよかったと思いました。ゼミの3、4年生22人が全員でイベント運営に取り組み、ゼミとしてもビッグなイベントになりました」と話していました。


Students from the Faculty of Business Administration organized a giant gacha event themed 'Love and Flowers' at LaLaport Koshien.

On 8th and 9th of July, a team of four students from Mukogawa Women's University's Takahashi Seminar (Prof Chieko Takahashi) held a giant 2.4 m tall gacha event at the Lalaport Koshien. The project is an initiative by Kasugai Confectionery (headquartered in Nagoya) to promote the long-running Hana no Kuchizuke candy and the SDGs. Purple Asters' project took a year to develop and was awarded the right to enter the competition after winning the S-College 2022 competition, a nationwide competition among university seminars.
The 'flower kisses' are usually sold as individually wrapped candies in bags. The students devised a special packaging with seven candies in a miniature zip bag to make it easier for people to buy. Since the flower kisses are characterized by the language of flowers printed on them, they designed the packaging with the language of flowers for each month and created 12 variations. In addition, handmade goods made from dried flowers were given as prizes in an attempt to encourage people to think about discarded 'loss flowers' in flower shops.

When the gacha is spun, one large capsule with a diameter of 16 cm is ejected. The capsule contains handmade goods such as sachets and perfume concoctions made from leftover flowers, a love message card and a card explaining the issue, along with a special package of 'Flower Kuchizuke'.

Families and other visitors came one after another, and the limited 300 packages were sold out on the first day. I want to try it!" I want to try it! A girl in the fourth grade of primary school who came with her father said: 'It was so much fun to spin the gacha and see the capsules come out. I got a perfume paste, so I'll take good care of it".

Ayano Tsukamoto, a fourth-year student and a member of Purple Asters, said: 'It was hard work, but I'm glad we were able to hold the event and see the children's happy faces. The 22 third- and fourth-year students of the seminar all worked together to organize the event, and it became a big event for the seminar.


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