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Riko Uemura, a sophomore in the Health and Sports Science Department, won the 100m at the Japanese Grand Prix Series.


Riko Uemura, a sophomore in the Department of Health and Sports Science, won the women's 100m event at the Japan Grand Prix Series "36th Nanbu Chuhei Memorial Athletic Meet" held on 9th of July at Atsubetsu Park Stadium in Sapporo, Hokkaido, with a mark of 11.88 seconds. This is the first time since the establishment of the University's Track & Field Club that a member of the club has won the 100m in the Japanese Grand Prix Series.


Ms. Uemura explained, "In the past Grand Prix Series, I was overwhelmed by the other athletes and could not run to the best of my abilities, but this time I was able to win the race, and I think I have made some progress. At the All-Japan Intercollegiate Championships, I will work on overcoming my problem of starting the race and try my best to get on the podium. Thank you for all your support."


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