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薬学部の崎谷愛未助手が、「第16回次世代を担う若手医療薬科学シンポジウム」(2022年10月開催)で優秀発表賞(YCPS 2022 Best Presentation Award)を受賞。今年7月に山形大学で開催された「医療薬学フォーラム2023」で「エストロゲン受容体陽性乳がんに対する亜鉛を利用した新治療戦略の開発( Development of a safe novel therapeutic strategy using zinc for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer)」と題して受賞講演を行い、表彰されました。同賞は、日本薬学会医療薬科学部会の趣旨を踏まえ、36歳未満の若手研究者薬剤師が対象。審査により、臨床研究および医療志向性の強い研究であり、科学的に優れていると評価された演題の発表者に贈られます。






Assistant Professor Manami Sakitani of the Faculty of Pharmacy received the YCPS 2022 Best Presentation Award at the 16th Young Investigator Symposium on Clinical Pharmaceutical Science (held in October 2022). In July this year, at the 'Medical Pharmacy Forum 2023' held at Yamagata University, she gave a presentation entitled 'Development of a safe novel therapeutic strategy using zinc for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer'.  The award is open to young researchers-pharmacists under 36 years of age, in line with the aims of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Section of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. The award is presented to presenters of abstracts that have been assessed as scientifically excellent in terms of clinical research and research with a strong medical orientation.

 Ms. Sakiya has been a member of the Pharmaceutics Laboratory (led by Professor Tomoka Nakase) since April 2021, and has been conducting research on the development of new treatment methods for breast cancer together with the students assigned to her as part of their graduation research. In the process, they succeeded in overcoming the shortcomings of present breast cancer drug treatment without serious side effects by employing zinc, an essential nutrient for the human body, and the zinc transporter that is responsible for its transport. It is expected to be put to practical use as soon as possible as a patient-friendly and highly effective new treatment method.

 Assistant Professor Sakitani says: "I am very happy to receive this award. I will continue to work even harder to contribute to breast cancer treatment in the future".



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