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音楽専攻科声楽専攻 柳直友子さんは、ベートーヴェン「交響曲第9番 合唱つき」のソリスト(アルト)として出演、演奏学科管弦楽器専修(ホルン)4年 増田真奈美さんは、オーケストラのメンバーとして、ワーグナー「ニュルンベルクのマイスタージンガ-」より「第1幕への前奏曲」を演奏します。


「関西の音楽大学オーケストラ」は、関西の8つの大学による混成オーケストラで編成され、2人はオーディションに合格し、選出されました。指揮は京都市立芸術大学 下野竜也客員教授。当日は本学の紹介ブースも設置される予定です。











第12回 関西の音楽大学オーケストラ・フェスティバル IN 京都コンサートホール




Two students from the School of Music will perform at the 12th Music College Orchestra Festival in Kansai on Saturday, September 16.


Ms. Mayuko Yanagi, majoring in vocal music, will perform Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9 with Chorus" as a soloist (alto), and Ms. Manami Masuda, majoring in orchestral instruments (horn), will perform as a member of the orchestra in Wagner's Die Meistersinga von Nuremberg, followed by the "Prelude to the First Act".


The "Kansai College of Music Orchestra" is a mixed orchestra of eight universities in the Kansai region, and the two were selected after passing an audition. The orchestra will be conducted by visiting professor Tatsuya Shimono of Kyoto City University of Arts.


Comment from Mayuko Yanagi

I was most surprised that I was selected in the audition, but now I am filled with a sense of responsibility as a soloist and excitement about what the Ninth will be like. It has been four years since the chorus was added to the orchestra at the orchestra festival due to the pandemic. I want to sing to the best of my ability in unison with all the performers, while savoring the joy of being able to sing with them.


Comment from Manami Masuda

I am grateful to be able to participate in such a wonderful opportunity while I’m still a student, and I will do my best to perform to everyone by giving it my all.


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