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団体競技キャプテン 増山萌果さん「今回の全日本インカレは数年ぶりに観客が動員されたこともあり、たくさんの方からの声援が私たちの力となりました。10月の全日本新体操選手権大会に向けて、試合で学んだこと、課題にしっかりと向き合い私達の演技をやり切りたいと思います。全日本選手権での舞台で踊れることに感謝し、心の底から楽しめるよう部員一丸となって、日々精進して参りますので引き続きご声援のほど、よろしくお願いいたします」


Rhythmic Gymnast Naruha Suzuki won the individual all-around and all four events at the All-Japan Intercollegiate Gymnastics Championships.


At the 75th All-Japan Student Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships (All-Japan Intercollegiate Gymnastics Championships, hosted by the All-Japan Student Gymnastics Federation) held in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture from August 25th to 27th, Ms. Suzuki (freshman, Health and Sports Science) of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club won the individual all-around and all four events. This is the first time that an athlete from a western Japan university has won the All-Japan Intercollegiate Gymnastics Championships outright.


From this result, Ms. Suzuki and the five competitors in the team competition qualified for the 76th All-Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, which will be held from October 27th to 30th.


Ms. Suzuki comments "Thank you so much all for your support and encouragement. I’m so pleased that we were able to win the All-Japan Intercollegiate Championships for the first time. However, there were some issues that remained in the competition, so I will do my best for the last half of the season."


Team competition captain Moeka Masuyama: "This year's All-Japan Intercollegiate was the first time in several years that the audience was in attendance, and the cheering from so many people gave us a boost. We are grateful to be able to dance on the stage at the All-Japan Championships, and we will work hard every day as a team so that we can enjoy ourselves from the depths of our hearts.


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