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学生たちは「ビールの空き缶やたばこの吸い殻が目立つので学生が捨てたものではないと思うけれど、見えないところに結構ゴミが多くて驚いた」と言い、植え込みの葉や枝をかき分けて真剣な表情でゴミを拾っていました。ゼミ生の情報メディア学科3年 布明子さんは「コロナの間、思うように外に出て活動できなかったので、このような意義ある活動ができてうれしい」と話していました。


On 16th of September, World Clean-Up Day, when litter is picked up collectively around the world, the Inoue Seminar (Associate Professor Shigenobu Inoue) of the Department of Social Informatics at the Faculty of Social Informatics picked up litter around the Central Campus and LaLaport Koshien.


World Clean-Up Day was initiated by young people in Estonia in 2008 and has now spread to 190 countries and regions around the world. This year, litter pick-ups were also held in Japan on the same day at about 500 locations.


At Mukogawa Women's University, students from the Inoue Seminar, volunteers from the department, members of the Gakuyu-kai (alumni association) and faculty members took part in this activity for the first time.


In the morning, a total of 40 people, including Inoue seminar students, 16 volunteers from the department and 24 local residents, went jogging around Lalaport Koshien to pick up litter, a new environmental clean-up sport originating in Sweden. Some of the participants were elementary and junior high school students, who worked hard to find and pick up litter.


 In the afternoon, 11 members of the Gakuyu-kai and volunteers from the Faculty of Social Informatics walked along Route 43 from Chuo Campus to Naruo and Mukogawa Women's University Station, collecting empty cans and plastic bottles discarded in the plantings, candy wrappers that had fallen by the roadside, etc.


The amount of rubbish collected that day amounted to 12.5 kg of combustible rubbish and 4.2 kg of non-combustible rubbish.


The students said, "I don't think the empty beer cans and cigarette butts were thrown away by the students, but I was surprised to find quite a lot of rubbish in places I couldn't see", as they raked leaves and branches from the plants and picked up rubbish with serious expressions. Seminar student Akiko Nuno, a third-year student of the Department of Information and Media Studies, said, "I was not able to go outside as much as I would have liked during the pandemic, so I am glad to have been able to take part in such a meaningful activity.”




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