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The Athlete Nail Association gave a lecture on the importance of nails and sports.

The Athlete Nail Association gave a lecture on the importance of nails and sports during the Sports Business Campus Exercise (during the week taught by Associate Professor Akihara) at the School of Health and Sport Sciences. Athlete Nail is a nail maintenance technique that enables athletes to maintain high performance on a consistent basis.
The first half of the two-part lecture was given by Shizuka Nishimura, an athlete nail trainer, on the importance and impact of nail condition on athletic performance. In the second half, participants learned about the size of the nail market and how to properly cut and adjust nails using sandpaper in a hands-on training session.
Ms. Itoha Miyashige of the Health and Sports Science Department, who attended the lecture, said, "When I was dressing up, I was only conscious of how I looked. Now that I have learned about nail care, I want to be healthy and fashionable at the same time by taking care of my nails."

Yunon Watanabe said, "After using the nail oil I received for one week, I saw that my nails grew faster. It made me value the importance of moisturizing."


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