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フレッシュネスバーガー(が主催するマーケティング企画コンテスト『FRESHNESS BURGER Marketing Innovation College』で、経営学科高橋千枝子ゼミのチーム「松えんどう」が、特別賞を受賞しました。




Students in the Takahashi seminar of the Department of Business Administration won a special award in the Freshness Burger Marketing Planning Contest.

The team "Matsuendo" from Chieko Takahashi's seminar in the Department of Business Administration won a special award at the "Freshness Burger Marketing Innovation College," a marketing planning contest sponsored by Freshness Burger (

This contest is for marketing plan proposals to promote use and repeat business among younger customers. Eight seminars from four universities across Japan participated in the contest, including the Takahashi Seminar. Four third-year students from the Takahashi Seminar participated.
After the orientation in April, the students developed their marketing plan through actual store visits, etc., and held an mid-term report meeting in late June. At the meeting, they proposed a plan based on the topic of fruit, but the plan was highly evaluated by the companies, so they reconsidered the plan from scratch and presented it at the final debriefing on October 25th.

The winning marketing plan was a proposal for a Koimikuji coaster and retro-design cup idea to encourage Gen Z girls to use Freshness Burger as their new favorite café. Freshness Burger presented them with a certificate and a prize (meal coupon).


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