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In an exchange program between the Department of Innovative Food Sciences and Bahçeşehir University, Turkey, students from Bahçeşehir University experienced harvesting Tamba black soybeans, a specialty of Tamba City.

In November, the Department of Food Science and Technology started a exchange program with Bahçecihir University, which has an exchange agreement with MWU, with the aim of nurturing individuals who can be internationally active in the food industry, which is becoming increasingly globalized.

  Nine students from Bahçeşehir University, who are studying food culture and cuisine, will be visiting from 27th of November until 9th of December to attend lectures at the university, participate in cooking practice and food production sites such as sake brewing companies in Nada, and sightsee in Kyoto, Nara and other cities. On 2nd of December, they visited Tamba City to experience the harvesting of Tamba black soybeans, a speciality of Japan's food industry, as part of the 'Primary Industry Experience' program.

  The harvesting experience in Tamba City was organized as part of a mutual visit program with the cooperation of Tamba City, which has concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the University, in response to a prior request from the students of Bahçeşehir University. The students from Bahçeşehir University, together with students from the University's Department of Innovative Food Sciences and a teacher, visited the farm of Mr. Yoshiyuki Izumi, a farmer in Hikami Town, Tamba City, and under the guidance of Mr. Izumi, experienced harvesting Tamba black soybeans and tasted cooked beans.

 The participating students commented that they enjoyed learning how to grow and harvest black beans, and that the paths were surrounded by beautiful nature. It was an enjoyable trip full of memories and information"; "The taste of black beans is very unique and really tasty"; "The sweet taste of black beans is my favorite. There is no such thing as sweet beans in Turkey. The sweet taste of black soya beans is unique".

  A professor from the Department of Innovative Food Sciences who led the students said, "Many of the students seemed to positively evaluate the fact that this agricultural experience allowed them to visit a Japanese agricultural area and see the landscape of Japanese agricultural production".


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