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17日は、健康・スポーツ科学科准教授 中堀千香子ゼミが「ハロー!フェムテック」と題し、月経カップや吸水ショーツのサンプル体験、自分に合う生理用品を探すワークショップを開催したり、社会情報学科教授 藤本憲一ゼミが、西宮市のコーヒーショップが手掛けるクラフトビール「Heal&Doul(ヒルソル)ビール」の地域に密着した取り組みを展示で紹介したりしています。


17日、18日両日行われるイベントでは、日本語日本文学科講師 工藤彰ゼミが、近代文学を現代的に再解釈し映像作品にした「re:creation」や、社会情報学科准教授 平井拓己ゼミの兵庫県産のドライフルーツを使った「フルーツキャンドルクラフト」づくりなどを実施しています。また、玄米の普及を通して国連WFPの活動を推進する「ブラウンライスボランティア」や、学生広報スタッフ「La chouette*」の「学生目線でみる武庫女の魅力!」など学生ボランティアによる展示も例年通り参加しています。








The 6th Mukogawa Women's Smile Festival is held at Lalaport Koshien with the students from Mukogawa Women's University.


The 6th Mukojo Smile Festival was held at Lalaport Koshien on 17th of March and will run until the 18th. It is held jointly with the Mitsui Shopping Park Lalaport Koshien every year to make the people of the region aware of the initiatives of Mukogawa Women's University, and this year will be the sixth time it has been held. Sixteen groups, including seminars and volunteer organizations, take part, holding panel displays and workshops on the first and second floors of the shopping mall.

On the first day, Associate Professor Chikako Nakahori of the Department of Health and Sports Sciences presented a seminar entitled 'Hello! FemTec", a workshop to experience samples of menstrual cups and absorbent underwear and to find menstrual products that suit each individual, while Kenichi Fujimoto, Professor of the Department of Social Informatics, introduced the community-based initiatives of Heal & Doul (Hilsol) Beer, a craft beer produced by a coffee shop in Nishinomiya City.

The two day included 're:creation' by Akira Kudo, a lecturer in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, which reinterprets modern literature in a modern way and creates video works, and 'fruit candle craft' using dried fruit from Hyogo Prefecture by Takumi Hirai, an associate professor in the Department of Social Informatics. The project is also supported by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) through the promotion of brown rice. In addition, the Brown Rice Volunteers, who promote the activities of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) through the spread of brown rice, and the student PR staff La chouette*, who present the appeal of the University from a student's perspective and other exhibitions by student volunteers also take part as in previous years.


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