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Donations made by Mukogawa Women's University students in aid of the Noto Peninsula earthquake victims were sent to the affected areas.


On 13th of March, members of the Alumni Association's General Affairs Committee and Brown Rice Volunteers presented the donations collected by students of the University to support the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on 1st of January this year, through the Japanese Red Cross Society.


The General Affairs Committee and Brown Rice Volunteers jointly organized the fundraising campaign for the university's students, faculty and staff. The students started the fundraising on 10th of January with a desire to provide as much support as possible to those affected by the disaster.


Students have been calling for donations on the Main Campus during the morning commute hours and during lunch breaks, and have placed donation boxes at various campuses, including Kamikokoshien Campus (School of Architecture) and Hamakoshien Campus (School of Pharmacy) to raise support.


Fund raising was also conducted at the 6th Mukojo Smile Fest at LaLaport Koshien on the 17th to the 18th of February, where many people turned up to show support.


On the day, General Affairs Committee Chair Mai Sogo (2nd year, Japanese Language and Literature) and Brown Rice volunteers Yuka Kanno (2nd year, Food and Nutrition) and Mitsuki Fujimori (2nd year, Food and Nutrition) counted the donations and transferred a total of 387,372 yen to the 'Japan Red Cross 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Donation'.


Donation activities to support the Noto Peninsula earthquake victims will continue in the years ahead. Ms. Sogo, Ms. Kanno and Ms. Fujimori says: 'We will continue to provide support so that the people in the affected areas can return to their former way of life as soon as possible."


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