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台湾の銘傳大学で3月15日、「銘傳大学2024年高等教育卓越に向けての国際シンポジウム」(2024 International Symposia on Striving for Excellence in Higher Education)が開催され、生活環境学部長の三好庸隆教授が講演しました。


同シンポジウムは、多くの分野で多数の研究発表が行われます。三好教授は設計学部における基調講演に招待され、「AI,デジタル時代の都市圏郊外再編」(Reorganization of metropolitan suburbs in AI and digital era)と題し、約1時間の講演を行いました。






The "2024 International Symposium on Striving for Excellence in Higher Education" was held on March 15th at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, where Professor Tsunetaka Miyoshi Professor Tsunetaka Miyoshi, Dean of the School of Human Environmental Sciences, gave a lecture at the symposium.

The symposium features numerous research presentations in a number of fields. Professor Miyoshi was invited to deliver the keynote lecture at the School of Design, where he gave a one-hour presentation titled "Reorganization of metropolitan suburbs in AI and digital era."

Before the lecture, there was an exchange of commemorative gifts between President of Ming Chuan University and Professor Miyoshi during the opening ceremony, and Professor Miyoshi handed the 85th anniversary commemorative gift of Mukogawa Women's University to them.

At the entrance of the lecture hall, there was a panel display of the emblems of each university, as Ming Chuan University has partnership agreements with universities around the world, and Mukogawa Women's University's emblem was laid out in the center of the display.


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