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本学の日本語日本文学科 平田ゼミ(平田光彦准教授)の学生と、書道部、箏曲部の部員、有志学生らが出演した西宮市・スポケーン市姉妹都市提携60周年映像作品「People to People」が、第70回兵庫県広報コンクール【映像部門】で企画賞を受賞しました。


受賞作品の「People to People」では、スポケーン市で交流した学生の体験談、および60周年の交流を寿ぐ書道と箏曲を交えたパフォーマンスを披露。日本文化と交流をテーマに構想し、ドローンなども使用して制作した作品となっています。

受賞作品についての西宮市のサイト、You Tubeリンク(外部サイト)はこちら



A film produced in cooperation with Mukogawa Women's University on the 60th anniversary of the Nishinomiya-Spokane sister city affiliation won the Planning Award in the 70th Hyogo Prefecture Public Relations Contest.


"People to People," a film featuring students of the Hirata Seminar (Associate Professor Mitsuhiko Hirata) of the University's Department of Japanese Language and Literature, members of the Calligraphy Club and Koto Club, and volunteer students, won the Planning Award in the 70th Hyogo Prefecture Public Relations Competition.


The 70th Hyogo Public Relations Contest was held to honor excellent works selected from various public relations media (PR papers, photos, and videos) published or announced by cities and towns in Hyogo Prefecture between January and December 2022.


The winning entry, "People to People," featured a performance of calligraphy and koto music to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the exchange, as well as stories about the students' experiences in the City of Spokane. The work was conceived around the theme of Japanese culture and exchange, and was created using drones and other equipment.


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